Warm and welcoming hotel rooms in Rheinau
Badische Herzlichkeit (Deutsch)Baden cordiality (English) 

Hospitality with heart has a home: Ratz

Lovable, genuine, down to earth and yet Pfiffig - it is the hospitality of Baden!
In hardly any other hotel between Wertheim and Konstanz y
ou will feel it more than a guest at the Hotel Landgasthof Ratz.

Once you was have stayed there, you will the polite sincerity of the people in southwest Germany will appreciate...and always happy to return to their friendly, attentive host.

"Please feel well and welcome "- this is the philosophy that is lived in the Ratz - regardless of the rooms

The Hotel Landgasthof Ratz, where the owners personally care about you,  that your wishes will be fulfilled: whether in the kitchen, at the check-in, breakfast and evening service, your entertainment, the shuttle service

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