Warm and welcoming hotel rooms in Rheinau
Südlicher Oberrhein & Elsass aktiv (Deutsch)Southern Upper Rhine and Alsace active (English)Le Haut-Rhin & l'Alsace (Français) 

Vacationing around Alsace and the upper Rhine river

From the hotel, explore the surrounding area of Rheinau and the most beautiful locations of Alsace.

There is a large host of opportunities for hiking, bicycling or motorcycling activities in the upper Rhine river area, the Northern Vosgese mountains, and the famous Black Forest. Not to forget the many lakes for swimming and bathing, our special offer for dog owners, and the manifold locations for sightseeing, shopping or even thrill seeking…

Here is an exemplary list of places to visit:

There are many more places of interest in our vicinity. Just ask us. If you like what you’re seeing, please click here for booking your adventure holidays.

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